How to Get a Good Credit Score?

How to Get a Good Credit Score?

Dear reader, today we will decipher a greater mystery than the inexplicable eternal youth of Maribel Guardia. That’s right, today we will tell you how to get a good Credit Score from scratch.

But before that, why would you have to worry about having a good score? For a simple and simple reason: sooner or later, whether you like it or not, you will need to get a loan, whether to buy a house, buy a car or start a business.

Unfortunately, many Mexicans cannot access fair sources of financing because their credit history, such as our publisher’s waist, is non-existent.

Therefore, this time we took on the task of investigating what you should do to get a good Credit Score step by step. Ready? Let’s get started!

Hire service in your name

As long as they are hired in your name, some services such as electricity, telephone and internet can help you, since Credit Information Societies (SIC), such as Credit Bureau, take them into account for your registration and credit score.

Get a loan

Forget about recharging the Oxxo (and the deep hatred that people in the line feel for you when you ask for one), hire a plan for your beloved phone! That’s right, in addition to allowing you to see and share those memes that you like so much, your cell phone can help you get a good score when you hire a plan.

Take out a departmental card

Get a loan

If you needed an excuse to buy your Xbox for months without interest, now you have it. And it is that departmental cards can also be useful for creating history and, therefore, obtaining a good Credit Score … when you use them responsibly, obvi.

Process a credit card

If you are of age to do so, process a credit card and (for God’s sake!) Use it properly. A credit card is the easiest and most effective way to get a good score, as long as you don’t get into debt and pay it on time.

But the thing does not end there!

But the thing does not end there!

Hiring any of the services or cards that we mentioned previously is not enough to obtain a good Credit Score. To do this, you need to keep track of the following:

Pay on time

If you fall behind with your payments, the services you have hired will play against your score … and your peace of mind. Therefore, first make sure you can afford them. If you can only hire a service or a card, do not worry, start with what you can.

Keep the service

Pay on time

The more time you have with a service, the better your rating will be. In addition, financial institutions will trust you more when you have just over two years of uninterrupted credit history, take it into account!


1. The Credit Score is like a husband: anyone can have it, the hard part is finding a worthwhile one.

2. When it comes to reaching a good score, as a muleteer said, you don’t have to get there first, but you have to know how to get there.

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